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Website re-targeting identifies consumers who have recently visited your website and shown a high interest in buying your products and/or services. By tracking their IP address from any internet connected device it then continues to re-target them with your banner display ads as they surf other websites across the internet.  By showing your ad repeatedly over time, website re-targeting reinforces your brand and encourages your prospects to return to your website while they are still in the buying cycle.


< search re-targeting >


Search re-targeting pinpoints people in Bakersfield or any geographical area who have shown recent intent to purchase products or services by searching for keywords related to your business, competitors, products or services.  It shows your display banner ad to consumers based on their search terms, from broad keywords related to your products and services to specific trademarked terms that show intent to purchase.  This means your brand is continually top of mind when they are still in the buying cycle and about ready to buy your products or services.